Available Young Prospects

Continuing the Chilbrook Bloodline

The Chilbrook bloodlines are renowned for producing versatile, intelligent, highly trainable dogs with excellent health and longevity. Chilbrook dogs have excelled as working service dogs, detector dogs, in the field, and in performance events. Established in 1969, the bloodline continues today with the same high standards of excellence. Young puppies and older dogs are available on a limited basis. All of these dogs are well socialized and have basic manners.

Also, we are able to make referrals when litters are available from our studs bred to other females. Please email Debby for details and availability.

Thank you for your consideration of a Chilbrook puppy!


We offer the three colors of purebred Labradors: Black, Yellow, and Chocolate. Dilute colors do not exist in purebred Labradors.

Planned Litters

There will be several breedings done this winter which will give us puppies available by spring of 2021. All colors are anticipated. The following are the planned breedings and anticipated colors. Please do not write to me about the litters before they are born. Sign up for the puppy newsletter and watch for the litter birth announcement for the litter you are interested in. I will not be accepting pre deposits on the puppies. Deposits are only accepted after the pups are born and I know what I have in regards to color and sex.

  • Tara will be bred to Copper — Blacks and Chocolates are anticipated
  • Halley will be bred to Mark — Blacks, Chocolates, yellow and fox red are anticipated.
  • Icy will be bred to Ruler — Blacks and Chocolates are anticipated
  • Jill will be bred to Mark — Blacks, Chocolates, yellow and fox red are anticipated.

For those caught at home here’s a great checklist of things to do with your puppy to help with their socialization.

Young Prospects for Sale

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No older dogs are currently available.

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