Puppy Raising Philosophy

Puppy Enrichment Area

Recently the puppy enrichment area was expanded and updated, adding in many new features to help the pups get comfortable around a variety of sights, sounds, textures, and smells. This also gives Debby a chance to see what the pups’ individual talents are. As a small rural business, Debby was fortunate enough to add solar to the facility so it is completely off the grid now. Debby no longer worries about power outages when babies are on the ground during those first critical weeks following their birth.

About the first clip of 6-week-old puppies, Debby says, “I spend hours watching the litter at this age because you can begin to see some of the drives and personalities coming out now. Watch to see who are the ‘watchers,’ who are the ‘explorers.’ ”

In the second video, Debby evaluates the puppies’ potential for working dogs. “As this litter grows and develops I’m beginning to see which ones I think will be the better Super Sniffer prospects. Here they are learning about new surfaces and obstacles,” she says.

In the third video, the pups are now 7 weeks old. Debby has this to say: “How a puppy explores the world tells a lot about their basic personality and helps to place the right pup with the right home. A really good trainer can develop any pup to reach their full potential but it helps when you start with one suited for the job.”


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