HR SHR Chilbrook Copper Chief RA SCN BCAT


SULLY is the cumulation of my 50-year quest for the ideal stud in my breeding program. His pedigree is from proven producers of top performance dogs with sound bodies, clean easy movement, superior work ethic, and some of the nicest temperaments.  The trainability from his pedigrees shows in Sully’s ability to switch from one venue to another and excel at them all. His intelligence in understanding what is being asked and his focus at carrying out his tasks are exactly what everyone wants in their working companion. Sully sports the darkest shade of chocolate short of being black possible and throws this on his pups as well. He is properly proportioned and as a result his musculature is exemplary of a fit and proper Labrador. Contact us if you are interested in using this talented handsome fellow in your program.

Registrations and clearances:

  • AKC: SS25869803
  • UKC: R312-026
  • DNA: V10049697
  • DOB: 2/26/2021
  • PennHIPS: LDI=.26, RDI=.32
  • OFA Elbows: LR-EL116982M28-C-VPI
  • OFA Eyes: LR-EYE26485/19M-VPI
  • Basic Cardiac: LR-BCA2073/23M/P-VPI
  • CNM: LR-CNM4589/15M-PI
  • D LOCUS: LR-DL3263/15M-PI
  • EIC: LR-EIC7456/15M-PI
  • PRA: LR-PRA4285/15M-PI

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