Chilbrook Texas Rose, CGC, CC, TDX, WC


Rosie is another “Ranger” daughter that is true to her breeding, combining intelligence, trainability, and correct structure in a gorgeous dark chocolate coating.  She excels at scent work and is a keen retriever in the field.

Rosie earned her Tracking Dog Excellent title in December 2017.

Registrations and clearances:

  • AKC# SR78042601
  • DOB: April 23, 2013
  • Color: chocolate (carries yellow)
  • OFA Hips: LR215244E25F-VPI (Excellent)
  • OFA Elbows: LR-EL68251F25-VPI
  • OFA Eyes: LR-EYE6508/22F-VPI
  • OFA PRA: LR-PRA1016/12F-PI Clear
  • Optigen RD/OSD:  Clear
  • Unv of Minn. CNM: Clear
  • DDC EIC: Clear
  • Dwarfism/Skeletal Dysplasia (OSD2) clear
Rosie's Pedigree

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