Chilbrook Benchmark


Mark epitomizes all the things I have strived for in my service dog breeding program. Both of his parents have produced working service dogs for many organizations. Mark has the sweetest of temperaments, is rock solid under pressure, has a well-structured frame without being overdone, is a happy-go-lucky fella that loves to work for his person and is super sound in his movement.

He is not that big of a dog, making his size perfect for service work where dogs need to fit into smaller spaces, especially for traveling on public transportation. I have just begun to show him in conformation and he already has major wins toward his championship, which I hope to finish in 2019. He is a proven sire and his first puppies look be a chip off the block. I’m very excited to offer him at stud, as he is completely genetically clear of everything and has excellent hip joint conformation, good looks, the perfect coat, and offers all three colors.

Registrations and clearances:

AKC: SS00869201
UKC: R274-889
Color: Black (carries yellow and chocolate)
DOB: August 26, 2017
PennHip: 0.35/0.42
OFA Eyes: LR-EYE-16015/14M-VPI
RCD-4: LR-P4-21/10M-PI
EIC: LR-EIC4722/10M-PI
DM: LR-DM995/10M-PI
CNM: LR-CNM2187/10M-PI
D LOCUS: LR-DL1204/10M-PI Clear
GR2 PRA: LR-GR2-71/10M-PI

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