CH Chilbrook Double Agent JH CD RA CGCU TKN



CHIP is perhaps the best Ranger son I’ve seen yet. He has all the drive, soundness, field ability of his dad with the best conformation from the dam line. He is an easygoing, happy fella; ready, able, and willing to do whatever task you throw at him. His first pups are already certifying as service dogs for some of the most difficult of tasks, just a beginning for this young stud who is working on more advanced titles. He should be useful in bringing great work ethic, longevity, and super nice temperaments into your lines.

Registrations and clearances:

  • AKC: SS1019101
  • UKC: TL056567
  • CHIC: 181579
  • DNA: LR-DNA-216/B
  • DOB: 8/18/2020
  • OFA Hips: Good, LR-267391G30M-C-VPI
  • PennHIPS:
  • OFA Elbows: Normal, LR-EL114837M30-C-VPI
  • OFA Eyes: Normal,  LR-EYE22257/8M-VPI
  • Basic Cardiac:
  • CNM: Clear/normal, LR-CNM4612/3M-PI
  • CY: Clear/normal, LR-CY549/3M-PI
  • D LOCUS: Clear/normal, LR-DL3271/3M-PI
  • DM: Clear/normal, LR-DM2189/3M-PI
  • EIC: Clear/normal, LR-EIC7480/3M-PI
  • GR2 PRA: Clear/normal, LR-GR2-187/3M-PI
  • HNP: Clear/normal, LR-HNP1925/3M-PI
  • HU: Clear/normal, LR-HU520/3M-PI
  • MCD: Clear/normal, LR-MCD455/3M-PI
  • Narcolepsy: Clear/normal, LR-NAR579/3M-PI
  • PRA-CRD4/CORD1: Clear/normal, LR-C4-35/3M-PI
  • PRA: Clear/normal, LR-PRA4300/3M-PI
  • Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency: Clear/normal, LR-PK485/3M-PI
  • RD/OSD: Clear/normal, LR-RDY1393/3M-PI
  • Skeletal Dysplasia: Carrier, LR-SD2-674/3M-PI-CAR
  • XMM: Clear/normal, LR-XMM72/3M-PI

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